Who is me…I give up unless I’m not 2 years old hardware


So what is about the story about me was like I’m deluded my life of the past of many differences in life. But it can be well worth it after. Why?

Because I had a little resourcefulness in my earlier childhood to late adolescence.

So the things happened to me as I was just a street wanderer with a tiny amount of family cares and no talk to me of rejections and punished many times wander on the streets.

So that was horrible if you read to me if I have every week sometimes twice in weeks to me was the normal occurrence of beat up since I was under this situation in some conditional barrier.

Yeah, sure it’s called journeyman!

What had happened to me why it’s like I passioned about doing things in likely seeing the world not likely in a prominent way. Seems like I’m heck lot of way to struggle to survival methods in not only the outward but most of the time was inner to me.

As I access that motivation to be something better and seek anything for hunger for anything matter to me was making me to rejected on many ways of my destiny.

So I can most believe in me that is something I could accomplish and push it forward as I can access my words by some lagging and very seems like a pity to me.

And I was like a part of the world that happened around me. But often I feel so empty in many ways it drops on the blame to my surroundings and to the story.

Where is the sucker?

What was like it? If I have those anger inside me I pull of and where should seek passion around that’s only I want to access resourcefulness that only fulfill me. So It seems like I have or others that lack relations to the community even in my eyes that’s not worthy of seeking which is me or they reject me.

Wait…the language and technology!

So that my way to deal with my life into this kind of journey which had to lag in a plug on universal it's my lack of awareness and social skills building upon there. I can only find one thing is the fucking huge network.

I intensive on language more often with thoughts and nervous because I have a somewhat blame on lack of resourcefulness into my destiny. I understand it’s like so much aggressive. Maybe you will say fuck this there is so much messiness out there if you have open enough to plug the entire world.

Yes, that’s right I’m lucky enough to alive to write it in front of the screen and getting the smell on something self-centered icky personality. I’m finding out that’s the only reason I’m alive with before pushing the go button!

I want something to these for cleansing and for somewhat hate to my dysfunctionality and having to do to improve and of course to prove it to something I can have material possessions to motivate myself to get better being for providing value.

Give you the point below…

First of all, I just can’t believe if I can’t have freedom of the scarcity then I have really improved what it’s like nothing is moving forward without fuel in the tank. So that I’m trying to make the worth of living to build skills around above mentioned the fallacy.

So I want to just stop here my selfish motivations instead I want to give a direct connection with you. But I’m so awry what the word it simply describes my statement. At least I have these tools and give me the luck to…

There is one certain kinda way I can motivate myself is really cool way to do it.

That even empty two years old robotic and having little hardware of decent neurons those having tremendous spiritual entities like me will have change my statement in any way I want.

I want it all belongs to you

Therefore those real matches on the perception of the world we see around can prescribe the reality.

I can play on these perspectives because I don’t want to go on more complexion. So any moment to moving through something you want to be it’s worth a damn factor. Yeah if you acknowledged, and I hope kids will know it by plan and purpose.

The only problem is stubbornness on lack of moving and afraid of acting upon somewhere.

So I mentioned above on need much resourcefulness and go for scientifically test out mannerism and get improve upon. That’s how I can describe how to getting life on your way. And your community and around people that stick had nature of the human evolutionary simulation on the social being.




HI. I’ve made the decision to answer for questions on Quora. Follow me: https://www.quora.com/profile/Bilguun-Enkhee-3

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Bilguun enkhee

Bilguun enkhee

HI. I’ve made the decision to answer for questions on Quora. Follow me: https://www.quora.com/profile/Bilguun-Enkhee-3

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