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4 min readApr 20, 2021


So don’t fucked up. Again it’s not the snake and oil stuff. I may be say nothing about this. I really like to hack things always as a making a choice rapidly. But it’s right unless not pay to the long expense. I can’t hold it so well…

I did sleep hours but nothing urge to sleep. And getting a cold shower for forty seconds and doing Wim Hof breathing exercises for around twenty minutes. it’s the first time I feel my body temperature rising in the extremely cold shower.

I’m aware of anything. And there are just too many things for me but will say later on this topic. But if I say so then maybe the next time or forever.

I’m more like writing as a hobby or something to getting out clear out of my mind it is called discover something or extract the new pattern.

So I’m feeling smarter but also the mad person. I’m having this aspect it means I don’t know who the heck I’m. English is not my native language so I’m really trying hard to make it perfect at my soul.

And of course to fit into my native to convert something into the meaningful and most right path.

So damn my experience I’m already like shout the more I know more feeling dumber and getting screwed. In my mind, there is something I can worth trying but inadequacy is always on the way.

It seems like I can do as many things as possible but nothing wrong with me.

I more believe it’s about the universe and faith. Let’s see who is the first one cell to adapted to bacteria loads managing but later stuck on cave or something in midway. But who are the winners there is I want to figure out the rest of my life?

I always interested in nothingness about the meaning of things…as this is a terrible way of thinking I guess.

I’m just wasted my days or it’s something leading me toward into limitless time matter of the universe. This calming effect will make me move forward.

I’m very excited if it’s the only way. But unfortunately, there is a lot of expressions where I was and will pass.

So there is something like a scrambling path like helplessness I really don’t want it. What is more, the truth was really it’s just time. TIme or maybe timing. How to deal with life and the long run.

I think there is really ongoing safety of thinking is nothingness in the future but you will move something better but exactly you can’t be sure what it is. You can plan the long way doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen. But your mind-changing altitude never sleeps.

You will always feel different regardless of anything there is nothingness lead through your life and pushes us to new perspectives. it’s almost there but it moves away.

Also, it’s the basic survival instincts you should have a better way to see as more powerful than logic.

Because logic is the only kid who belongs to a big grammy brain complex system. There is you in the universe. it’s like a dream or dies matter. It always pushes you to the new style and pattern. But as you remember the there is not matter first or latter.

It’s you there and people die but the universe is something no one expects. Does it disappear inside the mind or inherently get away? We will never know.

So I was writing on my notes something I want to type to conversate with my mind. I want to expand this article to just use it for supplements. I hope it will little bit of sense. My inside me is dying and the new one who was alive will appear down. And bye of course.

So here we go…

I have to hack my way as I know my path.

And I will keep moving. But must not die. Must live longer and even forever.

I should find this way. And find this eternal way. Back to the work on humanity. But keep work on my things.

I really need to hallway work and but always keep my things clear. So something will happen. But I can always do some things to invest in my health to do more stuff.

It’s just not enough what I know now. And anything so that’s why I have to keep humble and trying to know more that’s the only way to getting the right human being.

I think all mistakes come from knowing less and too much reliance on current knowledge and experience about wisdom.
That may be work in the short term but always get worse in the long run as to advance to the civilization and humanity.

Food and health are must get in deeper into humanity. Because there is hope I understand now. It’s more likely knowing more and getting resourceful is the only way to make things better.

I’m feeling smarter but never rely on the current position too much to get expense to knowing more and getting new experience in long run. It’s sure if I limit something and openness into other certain things but it’s more like figuring out what to do and not to do.

What to know and not to know at a certain point. But in the long run, must know everything as a seeking. So it’s the human potential to lead through certainty and demand.



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