The truth I was written on shoulders of greatest minds

So I’ve been feeling fucked up. But feel excited and thrived. And feeling like wasting time and doing sometimes wasting time and burn me and have to get info war and make war for the progress no matter what and
who is it?

I will really do like I’m losing but then surprise. And use the strategy of the art of war when appearing strong appear weak.

So then I don’t have to tell them what I know or don’t know anything matter is no explanation or expression. Just let them make the move and adapt to their movement.

So I need to get rid of that mentality about the finish that book
or something to know about much first. So simply follow up the plan from the soft skill books mentioned.

But not lose motivation about making things done. But always getting as much information possible on the stage after playing and a lot of questions
and stuck.

Before starting just get a picture and just getting info that enough get started like Tai Lopez said 30 percent of information and strategy and then experiment if that’s 30 percent risk if that’s no risk about 1 percent then start
from 1 percent like it just needs to do with that adaptation.

Likewise, it’s the very same John Sonmez I must follow that guy.
So it’s important. So make sure to get the habit to everyday check the balance.

I must have to get out of that mentality about finish up the tasks or to-do lists. First, do the prioritized and urgent things to do. Then other stuff not have to do just try out a little bit is fine.

There will be tons of lists possible. But follow up my motivation or some
reason and balanced way and the changing things I must act on the mid-ground or center of those.

So whatever is happening I’m feeling overwhelmed I must spend a day off every day 20 minutes plan morning and evening.

That’s enough at the ground now. So then sometimes there is less pressure on the weekend do more but must do twice. I’ve done simply on work before start to the project. So I can do it whatever it takes. So make stuff done.

Being a really badass and mad scientist is the way I must make myself as worked. So I want to make things done. That’s the way it is. So I will
attack and keep attacking under focused and just getting the mind of 1 percent to ignore the static preference rest of it.

Just getting inside of mind that great minds like buddha, Aristotle, Einstein, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Gandhi, Jesus, Plato, Tai Lopez, Bill gates, Grimes, larry Alison of founder Freecodecamp, and Odin project, and from Twitter to get ideas or inspiration whatever it is I must keep things get in head those people and simulate those ….

Wait there are people like Warren Buffet, Charles Munger, Iz, Munkhjin, and there is a lot I don’t yet discover…Tugo, Grant Cardone, and there is a lot of I don’t get now my mind now and I will discover it….John Sonmez haha, so, etc.

So there is must be life meaning to the universe to seek the universe and space travel, but a lot of setbacks and mistakes as something is wrong and not work properly and failures I have to learn from the basics of humanity and learn as much as possible to invent all humanity and cultures and make anything happening on my imagination and make it happen.

I will be really bad as at this point of most people but it’s for the service for the humanity and universe and faith in god. I think if I lose that’s the real sin If I lose or win is okay but both sides lose it’s also common in most avoid it.

I must work through the faith in the god of the universe and gods that belong to them like buddha or Jesus or something like that.

But I just need to invent their culture and knowledge into myself to change my life and work for all things and make things better. So I really need to write up sometimes crazy hours sometimes less whatever it is. So must do stuff

So I have to improve the relationship between the universe and natural selection. It’s not bad if under attack or bite it’s how to being resilient enough and how to make things done and how to serve the goals and humanity and the universe.

And asking better questions from the universe to reading and keep moving. So whatever it is it’s no fuck or bad. There is no right and wrong rule. It’s all perspective and survival and instincts. There are people who say want some attention and correctness and praise and feeling good about themselves and there is no reason to angry toward them.

Because I must always keep in mind that it only matters the selfish gene. And there is no right or wrong. Not act on from right or wrong base only for acting about goals and inspiration and through mentors and simulations and invention. For the sake of the universal truth and truth and double truth again haha. So all I want to do is just what I want to do.

And not follow up the feeling but only inspiration that makes moving forward. Because that’s not believing myself it’s only from the combination of truthness and god and universe I learn and get mind from them and act upon the purpose, not the feeling bad or good that does not matter too much to compare to.

I’m not saying it’s never listen feeling or gut, it’s will be some purpose of feeling it’s important but I can’t say it’s important only doing without inspiration or motivation it's only about the action and experimentation.




HI. I’ve made the decision to answer for questions on Quora. Follow me:

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Bilguun enkhee

Bilguun enkhee

HI. I’ve made the decision to answer for questions on Quora. Follow me:

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