The only way you will make at best way to live if you just follow my things

I’m very serious believe me. And go on…

I’m just getting suffer much of this, and happening through until make it and times are now…And just I have to shhhh at this point. So let me tell you why.

Hey, don’t make mistake for attaching the wrong thing. The pleasure of secondary things who sell will destroy in the no meaning.

You think what is meaningful and if you think anything than objects is meaningful then describes it why. Or nothing more than social kind and mind that emotional case.

So work for only society and common collectiveness. So then do it anyway with tools or things like anything we have as today the all stuff makes us enjoy and getting chemicals into our brain in the short term.

But that is only the reward you can get it whenever or anywhere.

So that is not the real thing, so take a moment and get to know how to make it instead, if you try it to make it and then others will follow and getting somewhat destroyed mostly.

But that circle will never stop. It’s you have to play this game for giving really long term reward and move and motivate others too. That’s the only game you can win or lose.

So just let begin my game now. I’ve noted at one glimpse whatever…So please pay attention. Come on you deserve it better.

I can’t do something I don’t have much strength like things.

So I don’t know. My thing is spread through, not the forex, it seems cool when bounded that spread but that’s not human interaction, a bunch of data and trackings, but I love that, but why don’t do.

So I think I could do but why not coding, and why not something blabs la. But I think writing and typing is the normal and natural way, people are not stimulated enough to very high logic and disciplined numbers as like.

if I just do it, I need a really big passion or will power to there kicks me through. I don’t have now. And I can’t say that’s not gonna happen. So I think I have to stop procrastination.

But the Best I can replace is something. But I hate to speak because I’m beating myself, I don’t have that natural. I very have a talkative nature. I can’t stop it. And press it.

Instead, I can combine all emotions and talk and neurons through work not focused instead go for the diffusive and many angles. So but I can’t focus only number or coding, it’s could be if I figure that’s not the one thing each.

But I can go to it’s the many things I can go and do it. I can do it and make it anyway. But If I’m a natural introvert or coder or make stuff on seeing coding and environment makes me a nerd or I’m around nerds, but no.

I’ve surrounded very social and high integrity with family people. Fuck all, I’m very lame nations no technology or something? Yes or no, if I have seen through only brain matter or what.

My goal is only to figure out those hunting me things. Not coding or analyzing economic or something. I have been investing too much time in brain matter and life mater and emotions and how things work.

But not I only understand my thing is psychology or brain whatever that’s my something. And try out a little bit any areas and make it only.

It's the only way. I was thinking wrong If I want to figure out one thing and spending many times even years then it can happen.


Because I want to achieve and want to achieve only that reward but the truth is achievement is not that reward or A point. The matter is the only achievable through balance and many other things.

But the book really gets many other things. I think I just read a book for 8 hours and do not do another thing. If I can sell or make a living. Just share that knowledge and make it happen.

And do informational things. Yes, it’s what I want things. I’m going over and here is my thing. The book that’s it everything will fall behind it. Book and mentors and people that’s my thing.

People and people. Who are people the books and knowledge and living things?

Or anything is secondary.

What the heck the Elon musk just coding in 13 years and sell a game and his coding and every hour and create What is that?

Is this for what?

Because it’s about humans and the world. And sharing things, not the technics or numbers. It’s all about people and making things happening. That’s pushing it forward what he wants.

So that’s it. Choose it to wise your life, never attach little matter, instead focus on and fuck up all distractions and go to do it what is inspiring you and what can you make the world better.

So when you have your time come you have things to do. And just spread your value whatever you have seen and being work forward and just being bold and go forward whatever is fuck you wish.

Then do it.




HI. I’ve made the decision to answer for questions on Quora. Follow me:

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Bilguun enkhee

Bilguun enkhee

HI. I’ve made the decision to answer for questions on Quora. Follow me:

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