Bilguun enkhee

Mar 16, 2019

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The general way to get you to want

That’s about the mass of people stuck the zone called will happen in the future.

But it will be happening all the time?

So yesterday in my mind happened to some addiction going about needy for too many inspirations on youtube videos. But I just figure it out today it is the first going through decision, action, and feelings.

I found out most people do rely on their feelings and waiting for something inspirations going to do their really want to do different things to do.

And they stuck in a mental loop and keep addicting and a process is going so far and covered boxes and protecting their love with negativity. That’s they are very vulnerable and F circle is going.

So let me see you what is happening in my mind that I wrote it down on my notes…

need to change my whole world which is happening so zero. And want to change my whole world and combining ideas, get more ideas and keep progressing, reading and coding.

And it can be anything happening. But it’s not just simply to say I’m watching whole day Connor video is wrong.

It’s just depends on goals and projects, and my intentions and clarifications and habits and environment. If I within the dad there is no possible too many distractions because I’m just doing the job what he intentional.

And I have no responsibility and talking to each other something, and reminds each other, and like no pushing. And like happening to me very hard, and crazy seems like, and I don’t know which is right or wrong. Like a empty place.

So why it’s happening to me…

Why it’s just have some failure and misery. I want to know, because of the government or place and situations going, or lazy people around me they not try to solve problems, or country they’re losing energy to blaming.

And no systems but for me no systems is not bad, but in system to work with the take pressure and give move direction is important, if here is fail system and very messy then do I need to be as a different. ?

The only answer is I have to be different than others it means I will not complain and blame and criticize. Because there is no people without blame. That’s just makes me unique.

nd of course will work a system, and there is just happening and circling around while people blame, and fighting pushing overstretches it. There are too many things going, there too many different perspectives, better expanding is a good way to go along.

For its happening to like I can’t control my life if I have no money. I can’t go to the USA and or have no influence which is very hard to no regard of importance.

Not like believe to stuck it I’m someone or the country misery or the talking things are right or judge it.

ecause that’s not the reality its just a noise. And the reality is not happening, because of me, I have some perspective to look at the world, but if shift change angle then see the other things and that will completely shifting over directions.

And that means have to expand the visions and get reading things and keep going. I don’t know what could be happening but I just know I should keep moving.

And doing onto the goals and focus on several things instead of focusing too many things. I think Its time to move the way always change and think the new angle and new way.

That will help the things keep going.

Not because I’m doing or too many things doing. So it depends for perspective and purpose. But if I want to do and really get life purposeful and I need to keep expanding visions and identity.

nd create habits. Try to business. And write down ideas. And doing is the part of the vision and habits or perspective.

If I constantly increasing identity there is no such thing like separated of view like just take a massive actions. Just work like a very narrow and deep way.

And try to expand minds and asking questions and rest will follow, and we say those are taking actions, as Elon musk say technology will not automatically improve it will only improve if too many people will work together hard.

And I can’t just see only follow one perspective’s a book said that’s a great idea and follow through it. Because it’s just part of the whole. That’s I need to not follow one perspective instead expanding vision. But just do it also very make sense.

I'm just doing it and trying to do it. Follow someone’s routine and way. So that’s it. Tomorrow will be right here baby.


It’s very interesting I would write like that shit. So I have owned it. My mind is very deep reflected on a certain point. It’s how to get mover forward the challenge.