Only two steps you will reach your any goals

I want to give you some paths to do follow steps if you want to get something to approach.

Here is the rule I want to giving a certain amount of things to reveals.

I don’t want to play a game to under pressure, and they need me or think by some moral standards which are working for them.

So I spend the countless time to staring the miracles what’s the reason for living.

And I had always felt to mouth shut off. So then asking many splash questions to repeat let people boring.

Why the world had shattered that many slices that we have?

I’m not arguing for the life situations or any hardship of people we couldn’t imagine to anyone.

For me is I don’t pull up my things to reasoning what is really painful or whining shit conditions, or world platitude. It’s just not that way working away from the universe even if someone under the slaughtering house or complication under nomadic pride.

What to say who is suffering more or less?

All I know may it is for the happiest thing ever is our life becomes indistinguished from the game playing that push to any sadness to a living difference on the morality of standards. What the community boxes which had many justification rules by an edge of the world.

So any question is asked to how to create the world not get misery over never-ending…

It’s the best answer let people living in any excitement life, and not be sad never ending explosion of the universe.

So my natural mother (natural physic world) would not agree upon that alienation.

As the best thing of, to say at least the nature to look very excited, but as we interconnected with brain synapses is really not matter whether or external impact for the reality.

But as that only happening inner experience is an incomplete revelation.

I just don’t want to stick it which is named real world, cause that’s just I think for everyone is sad (except the mental blissful eternity) in some different level and expressing by themselves.

But it seems like only one solution is just to the attained liberation of nirvana.

The only answer or solution is to substituting in happy memory, life-extending nanorobots, and living without harmful influence until the end of the earth.

So who knows, if we can’t prove anything completely then to life after death…

The dubious matter is about given a thing as from cuddling than expected may be so better ask questions that concerning more path discovery as expanding the value.

As a reason, it’s not nice to not doing more discovery, cause that’s not the final destinations. There is just demand to curiosity over by researching that someone makes anything happening or the exciteful for if that’s the possibility outreach to possibilities, but not for the happiness of the goals,

it’s just thinking about it a very exciteful on the discovery and make real progress of life. Or just listening to the inspirational videos, seminars you can find who will your mentor in the future. That seems you travel your life only the life what you truly want.

That is…

Most of the percentage of suffering comes from perspective to think that happens bad or nice which is filtering by an inner journey. The good thing to do as always possible to change the behavior of the negative thoughts, and deeper in to shut off the door of bad inner experience.

That all we see and sense is always so clear.

But you don’t know when and how is happening, but always can anything to do better.

Here is how we find the inner experience that makes it at least get really excited…

Very simple…

First of all, we can achieve the inner freedom the shifting our thoughts for real safe place.

And understand the origins of life by reading innovative books.

But all further, I think all have some personal role models.

And you thought to family members, friends or aliens whatever, all are changing by times over, but the only reason you like is that you just see some seeds on there.

So exactly what I want to let you know, is you coming for reason about life value and meaning or goals. And that lets you keep going as may be or you just to simply want to be like that being.

But that’s had some shortage, but you can better do for vision, and simply just increase by their data for they speak often, and what is their world by their language.


You better increase the chance to it by some of the actions which are sure for you really know, it’s growth.

Nevertheless, I want to tell you at first that just read many things as possible to make sure that happens.

After that, you’ll really know what to do to, and always it experiencing the pain of not good enough while you’ll sometimes feel deep pleasure in for the brain release.

That’s your brain process scanning on time which is a matter of universe that always get a shift.

Therefore, you make it get for progressing as you pass to a settlement of goals, and it will happen to shape to a vision which is a combination of the data…

As you have it right now, what’s the good reason for not doing by universally take the first step?

Step #1

Find the what you’re excited by travel as childhood that discovers connections to come here to now.

And do it for asking 7 deep level off questions (repeating 7 questions to ask) until you know what exactly is.


Then you can research to it keep deeper for better understanding how to progressing, but you will never be really excited to care others on giving…

As I know that’s all fundamental personal growing (good relationship and career or launch your business).

That’s why all strategy and life value is based on developing your progress.




HI. I’ve made the decision to answer for questions on Quora. Follow me:

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Bilguun enkhee

Bilguun enkhee

HI. I’ve made the decision to answer for questions on Quora. Follow me:

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