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Bilguun enkhee
5 min readMar 4, 2019


Today, I am tired with that people want to press someone, the reason just people have no other plans, it is meaning they just depend on the dissatisfied situation dependence.

They become angry when something happened wrong, and stuck there. And see others become a problem. It’s ok to change the plot or leave away.

But the problem shouldn’t be anybody as happened what is have to and get depressed.

Wake up! There are people are not have to be shaped on you. Instead, people should respect and love each other be courage enough without any expectation.


If you worried about not happening like the dependence of people because they have un-moral or disrespectful, you don’t have to reward any good things.

Think just a moment….

What the world has competed with each other for status and kick the asses beyond their slaveries of bullish manner. And there is no freedom and lack of complementary.

For example, Google has their status over all around the world, monopolized to not compete for the market, and instead they just building their great value over the users. Do you think value need competition?

Value has a meaningful object such as a build the great team as they focus on creativity and discover new things.

While the market bullied every one believes that only way should be competing those guys. Nobody wants to give something but they forgot to real things.

There is a lot of fake things over the world such as 5 years old child could understand. They want to just get rightful themselves about their failure. There is only one choice to be champion to any discovery for victories!

Far away for competition, and dominate one thing to the best. And keep slowly moving other things. Such Elon Musk is passionate about programming was a childhood age.

Then he continuous about any new technology get a solution to change lives and it’s meaningless for competing SpaceX.


It means we all have sort of any talent for the place we can be a monopolist. That we don’t need competition for best one thing. The fact is hard working for passion. And be courage for without fight anyone, instead, unify your competitors for a lead to world peace.

So only chance to become monopolist is building your network and wishful for anyone to be good luck. Not only yours, for everybody. You should leave anything that could harm yourself.

As a seek for universal code, you can find your place without worried your future, to truly alive at present moment and no time travel.

Your job is to discover as many codes as you can. It means to learn for the great people to how to empower their path. And read for any great books that will clarify you.

It will something that for a long journey of know what to do at any moment. But you need to move to get rid of unbalanced signals. Then your life will be under your control of without confusion.

I hope you already knew it, I wrote for let you know about a code for your life. There is no possibility that any of the codes will not solve your problems.

The code is just for hard work of dedication and spirit. Such as a programmer cultivating complete process on that.

I have a passion for someone changing their life about finding their secret how to overcome obstacles and be mastery about the universe. And break free for the competition such as giant companies.


Don’t worry, You will know it if you keep practice for learning from “Successful people“ (James Altucher, Robert Kiyosaki, Peter Thiel, Anik singal, Elon Musk).

There is just a way to read books or watch the video about them. You will discover it more and your life will change.

You would learn about them if you will find nearly 100 books to read about what you can give this world today.

Ask yourself what can I do something nobody did before. So the path is you would learn about some technical skills by internet or programming. And you do not need to graduate school.

Just learn by online courses for Free.

James Altucher “The rich employee“ book inside:

Online courses

Fedora, TedX (Take online courses from the world’s best universities), Coursera (world’s best courses online for free), Coursmos, Highbrow, Skillshare, Curious, (learn technology, creative and business skills), CreativeLive, Udemy (Learn real-world skills online)


Codeacademy (Learn to code for Free),, Udacity, Platzi, Learnable (the best way to learn web development), Code School, Thinkful,, BaseRails, Treehouse, One Monts.


DataCamp (Online tutorials and data science courses), DataQuest, DataMonkey


Duolingo (Learn a language for free), Lingvist (Learn a language in 200 hours), Busuu (The free language learning community), Memrise.


You can such like use technology today make any professional skills better serve many people by building your network. But first, dominate the little market than a bigger market.

Then you will have some opportunity to try new things as people never done before.

Always to share and create more value, and there is a reason never forget to encourage your network to exchange the value to around themselves.

It’s to get waving of wealth network growth to this way change life and fix any problem like poverty and even cancer could be cured.

Are you ready for learning to build your network and get a mastery of technical skills?

Don’t forget it could be your tools to improve your life quality for a better life.



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