It seems like too many the word so can help goals

So I have goals with things so I need to have better things and goals to do. So I learned how to make that habit going.

So I need to write every night my goals and my intentions and what happened instead of beat myself.

So I realized why I couldn't change my habits and not understanding or being not resourceful is very harmful to some people especially it is very harmful in the modern world. So I must plan and make things work there.

Today is a very different world my parents and grandparents. It is very different, it is very also exciting.

I can be anyone just being resourceful and right tools but there is also a lot of distractions and noises follow by these cues.

So I must be smart and having mentors who are they are very successful and try to closer and being around them. And noting.

Because notes are very helpful to bring in behavioral thoughts in mind that is becomes instinct to habits forming.

So I must be better and good every day in today’s world. So there is no black and white.

So I Can be better aware of it.

So keep going, man…Learn the hard way I must get now! I Don’t have to look back, just live it now to use my whole potentials with others to adopt it today’s world and make the life better.

And liver for other people it seems like it.

So I can be aware those things are happening to me.

So Its time to go forward that I become today a little bit smarter to read a book.

So I must read more books and more courses that I must double my brain to being better to survive and even more succeeding.

So I have goals with financial independence by having a set of good habits. So First I have to dominate my cues and environment so only I first dominate the morning.

If I do not dominate it how can I dominate the areas in my lifetimes ??? Because it’s happening to pass up to me.

So I just have to do it. I remember how I struggling smoke but I Just shift to the cues that were learning fast and using my all willpower to change it, and I’ve done it.

So I can be also getting a routine to wake up earlier. And Also making things done.

So I can at least start small and try out my conscious not so later and so earlier.

But why not I try a once to get up 5 am for betters stretching my control my behaviors. I must have to be in control of my life in a crazy world to live in. (of course to me very exciting of a very better way).

So then I just set goals and do it some times. And better choose my one thing to go for it.

So I think to read the one thing again to better settle my life. I’m coding my life right now.

So It can be so exciting of course.

Use my desire and not against my nature will, and work with it and allow the desire and without beating to focus more on changing cues and having things my identity to being goal-oriented.




HI. I’ve made the decision to answer for questions on Quora. Follow me:

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Bilguun enkhee

Bilguun enkhee

HI. I’ve made the decision to answer for questions on Quora. Follow me:

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