How to invent the world and make things done

So just a little bit see back. What really happens in the age of the past centuries?

Does it really exist like power was conquering all over the world? Even
that’s true in the modern world, not the warriors will conquer. Only the nerds like those guys will conquer.

The old rule does not work now but it can be seen those people through past. I have to see a different perspective and expanding my mind through something is very crucial.

Or AI. People should progress but weak people are more count to strong people that’s how the world runs around. So the best way to deal with that stuff is simply to experiment with the way and adapting the condition.

And not fight with most war those wasting energy because I have to do with war about winning biggest war like solving the hardest problem of earth.
That’s humanity I have fight for that war, a well-excited future.

Solving the brain function and change it the pattern. So really need to find out how to do it. First of all, just do someway is reading more books and experimenting. And make a lot of experiments.

And not trigger off the condition like close to people to drink alcohol, find
the best way to figure out never get with local people, never ever done that. Just be very clear to skip it and go away for the different patterns.

There is a different way and angle more persuasive and controlled my consciousness. I don’t fight with a statement I only fight with progress.

Wealth and reputation are not to spend energy on, first, all do solve the problem like that one thing as a most important thing like direct way.
So think about getting on time and wake up earlier maybe.

Or solving engineering work first maybe. And managing people and oneself. So I think more seduce people. And having principles and think how. Asking better questions like how to get there.

I just can’t be stuck the old way the 500 hundred old flappy bird mentality.
I want to get and move ahead.

So what I must see the big picture and combine it with pieces of information and gene pools to like want to separate because that’s very different of related off it that may be what I have about knowledge right now.

So if the history was right and nothing wrong about it or wrong about inside my brain or conscious something then it’s very different about the rest of the world.

Because the knowledge tree can’t be so dense and only to change will be something to do with education. Only to make things done in the right way. That has to rewire the brain more and separate and rise above from anything.

So how can go with make war without fighting with all conditions
around? The best way is just to solve the physical and engineering problems. And just do it on a consistent basis.

But read and read as just I can say. There is no black and white answer. But one thing is very clear. I’m very sad and hate about a lot of things the culture or organized some nuts I guess.

For my knowledge base is not just local the world around working is like most people got hard and fighting with useless things if the future is whatever. I can’t change now.

But so rewire your brain and making things done. And work with those big prospects compared to mine right now. And inputting data into the brain it’s just enlightening and there is no right or wrong way.

I can disprove or prove anything but I just can give to drop off the thought process or talk say with words. So it means there is only one way I think…more experimenting whatever it is, just never limit for right or wrong pattern or judge the past and give the shape.

That’s the real crime for the future and humanity. Everyone has some different ways and seeing the world as their data and but some little data can change anyone’s thinking into more enlightening.

But there is some kind of existential way for all people that’s how they play and how it works the brain. There is a lot of ways and I can’t rage against anything in the world.

So say or express thoughts like hate but not give it right thumb
to the way they blocked me the condition. So can only use words that are negative for the stuff and doing over it for like.

It can simply say it’s nuts like having this way and I have to change it. Or I hate people talk that way, but never say that people are shaped or conditions happened that way.

Only I can hate that the fact the people understand something or their thoughts express like that, not hate about their actions or words, only I can hate like they fight useless battle or way around it.

So fighting is a good option to change something through which the believing as the what is better to humanity.

And not spend much energy on reputation or power statement or love, money, romance whatever those all are wasting energy for experimenting for the better future I think.

Figure out the way to experiment with the different angles and always try something new and innovative.

It’s just so many nuts.




HI. I’ve made the decision to answer for questions on Quora. Follow me:

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Bilguun enkhee

Bilguun enkhee

HI. I’ve made the decision to answer for questions on Quora. Follow me:

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