How to do anything to get a reward

I don’t give a fuck about what is in my mind. It's very obvious I’m working on fucking about things that will not give me some piece of goodness while I’m in the short run.

I can’t give up and the way I’m doing is only I’ve been everywhere and I’ve been still to do it in doing anything and most definitely in computer…

There is possible doing too many things that are my new brand style it will not be defeated and nobody gives me a sadness…

And I will give the world things like what I really hope and believe that mix will be probably the best way to live in this world. So I can be master in my universe.

Next thing I can do my own things and just writing something ideas and it can be anything.

Yes…I will be learned some niche that gives me some provision that will have a value.

But my writing thing will always be mix the too many things as I’m interested so many things and guys will say that’s the procrastination but for me it’s the life path and how I’m gonna do.

But I’m doing also only one thing it's doing on the computer and finding some ideas to do for people and share value.

So what is about me right now…I’m dying for feeling the locations that having too many problems and like so much lame things going in there.

I can only do for things are not get away from the computer and sit as long as I can and find the best way to solve these problems. But I just survive and do the next update for the writing and make my own shit first.

Then there will find out what is probably a good way. There is no any other reason to doing this because I love solving problems and mostly I was like to play a game because I can solve problems and gotta missions and when I will do I can be happy.

So that’s the way how can I combine the gamification to the real world. And finding the best way to combine it. So don’t give me shit about I’m not do anything for it, but I will do many things after I discovered what I really can do.

So I need to know what to do. And I know I’m saying a very same thing but it needs to be lame before doing the rocky way.

So I just really need to not give a shit about my way and feel regret my past because I’m doing too general makeup and I know that’s also problems with the gas problem, not the stations.

So anyway I think there is some way to do it if it does not matter get along the way to get it.

I must find out before to do the tons of things. So I need to extract more things and get a reward in solving problems but just doing for it by the process will learn.

That’s the beautiful path of all time people solve the biggest problems to make life easier. But I know that's also happening in mind when things hard people will smile because the value will be anything If just look forward that’s also very sad it seems.

But the impact of the mind will create a pleasant situation. So that I just really believe it.

So I’m keep going to it, and hard work is sometimes not to hard and enjoy it or it will be very stressful but anyway things to do is just work that doesn’t matter how hard to feel though because I know the things I pushed too hard make to do my task as every waking hour will sometimes very depress.

Because it is just like the brain is too tired for the too much train in the mind-muscle will be stretched after the swear of hours. But there is must be a pain.

So my goal is every day doing for things and moving and be patient and not listen to people and not arguing with people for sparing a lot of energy and doing for anything for stretch for the knowledge and creativity to doing from a mind.

And the simple steps can be to do for move forward…

So there is the only way we can build up the place the better to get it for improve is just solving problems by doing for own research and give a provision to many people as want then work hard for it to get people will criticize and judge you.

But the next step will be the work for together as many people as a want by doing anything in the warzone that will be bleeding.

But in the end, find the way that can be in the end will create the solutions to solve its problems and get a reward from that effort.

But that work will be easy doing by creating value and so that can be anything not bother as long as much it will be intended to people for problem-solving and be find in brave to say and do to the community and keep tracking how to go well this.

So it’s just the turn off the ballet and keeps honing it. Nothing can be perfect and useful without value and provision of giving the market to say something to who you really are.




HI. I’ve made the decision to answer for questions on Quora. Follow me:

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Bilguun enkhee

Bilguun enkhee

HI. I’ve made the decision to answer for questions on Quora. Follow me:

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