How to answer the questions from tricking on the deception

I can say what the heck is in the earth have a different environment and having boundaries and catchers.

Why life is countless abyss into when anyone can trap?

I understand some lesson to my little puny mind but I have to understand the bigger deals, I want to read the manipulate from the one people’s book and sign.

And there is a lot of sources and I have enough power to go for it.

I’m feeling about pain, and if I talk about from openness it will trigger into a rut.

And talk the truth about things not say my intention, instead talk the principles and logic that’s more important because everyone has definition they can throw, but the principles about the why they throwing are most important.

So there is no matter what is I’m doing it’s my journey and I will need to go up there, and I’m making some things are mean it’s okay.

I’m naming that’s some kind of shifts about wrong and feel pains, and or something violation, and how to define that’s the wrong thing. It’s about my filtering principles, but it can be a shift to the next about the future.

That’s not related to my vision then it will be wrong, but how I say also it’s my vision is may be at any level can be a shift to or labeling into it.

If I have this role, at things will no wrongness, but only the streams come up. What’s about the dealings with the time player.

I can’t really understand what’s about happening to me to into deeper level. It’s the universal collision?

I’m really whacked up some certain level I feel pain, and I can use this energy to move the upward that’s I'd say.

But It’s not underestimated, but it’s just happening something I call it just no difference. It’s just no make difference I’m just moving with my lameness.

So comparing a lot of piss of shits and think a sort of goat that understanding much of thing but mocking to my other side pushes me off.

I’m hating my self that is someone pattern of the pain stake. And I’m defining the moments the coding about a thousand times I can be my version that one side of me.

But who will win the battle if I shout out I need to get out, so I think some people look like they are pushing their corner into one basket?

But it seems like at the same level there is just need to something related to it. And what’s that say is just ruining this side that not caring off so attachment.

It will be only can happening there is just simply to the definition of the perspectives.

I have been a believer of the expansions and universal like inactive observer everything as much as I can. But when for bite some of the pieces that are getting me to push up again out of the corner and I gotta say what was it.

I’m trying to be doing over task oriented while I’m expanding the destiny or matters whatever it is seems like so deep and making a sense. But it can never be the enough and never ending that seems to squeeze back.

And I will become a little sucker again.

I know there is only need some time but it can’t be perfect, but worth saying to into actions while getting some recourses of data.

And do I manipulate myself into some traps?

So there is just to the streams will fight over it, and being a smart pretension that can be a lot of data and source of power that’s just the new level of the human brain.

I want it some call of adventure and nevertheless so much guilt and it's my thoughts are on the corner and shaping that things are challenging. So I’m thinking to get out of the rut and never regret my life and past.

But emotions slightly bullied me to push into a corner because of my increase data by the controls rising over which I can say it is a real difference from the uncontrollable childish action syndrome.

So it can be amazing and very sad. But you feel still so stuck and lame and slow.

But I don’t get that point over when it happens too much overwhelmed and only can be safe after that thing happens that I can be moving and change the mental statements.

That’s not magic it’s about to deal with the personal strangeness.

It’s happened a lot about not lucky but no one should have that easy growth.




HI. I’ve made the decision to answer for questions on Quora. Follow me:

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Bilguun enkhee

Bilguun enkhee

HI. I’ve made the decision to answer for questions on Quora. Follow me:

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