Dealing theory with why not make progress on the path

~8:47 am 2019.10.22

I really feel bad about things right now. I must wake up earlier than anyone and count my life purpose. And not follow the path parents or someone tells me what to do.

I must fuck the world hardly and beat it until it makes it. There is no other chance to persistently beat the world harder. They said seriously to hold the kid in the morning that’s important.

It is very different from what I expected to do and I just must find the way I must get through it, and figure out the pattern on how to make it.

So I need to braver in the morning and make shift my standard. So there is only one thing is holding me back is my inner thoughts and not taking principles and show up early.

If I show up early everything could change. I just at least try it what could happen if I early show up than everyone in this place. May be running in the morning it seems scary but what could I If I just do it.

No one gives me the proven formula unless I test it or try it. But people will only be told by their experience and perspective that is no right or wrong. There is nothing that can be wrong.

Let it slip away a little bit further.

I’m in my way I could go for the battle of several areas…

-Show up earliest as possible

-Reading as much as possible

-Learning Japanese as much hard learning as possible ( I got best recourses of the google first page)

-Never give up on somebody because they will feel uncomfortable when you constantly push it.

-When you beat it then not join it.

-Be brave on your path that world needs you

So fucking things are just happening right now. I’m losing myself in to get very low energy. I feel like just wake up very earlier and getting energy wherever there is no noise around me that I can listen myself deeper then it’s the right beat.

So there are several things I can do to raise my standard that increase value and create my path.

Learning everything that I can push forward.

Sleep only 6–6.5 hours and do exercises but drink lot of water.

And finish the Wordpress developer course and go through what I’ve been seeing the finish line.

And learning new things to combine them.

After finishing the course and creating the first portfolio page. But unless I have high energy which I must need to early show up the thing that couldn’t go through easy.

So there is a very easy way to balance energy and time making things done.

Go with less energy and do more things or creative design.

I almost show up…

-Tomorrow I must wake up at 7 am. That’s how I beat the world by showing up early and making things done.

-Before finish this line…I have lists to do to make the first money online.

-Create a web design portfolio page

-Selling the online product with free traffic that still has a lot of ways but I do myself with a lot of google research.

-Make a design on teeshirt to make a profit.

-Keep improving the coding experience and expand the knowledge through new arenas.

-Asking a lot of questions on the online community and deal with any problems I have. It’s most fucked up things that have some in my experience that location barrier that I can’t make some connection with an online bank account.

But still, there is a lot of ways to do it because I know a lot of things to make it done. So that’s it. I will have also a lot of things to say and create my own way into at least try to show up it now.

I don’t know it will come up with a lot of ways to see people around the world. But I’m just having only show up to one person to my message is enough.

And I know it’s you just read me up now.




HI. I’ve made the decision to answer for questions on Quora. Follow me:

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Bilguun enkhee

Bilguun enkhee

HI. I’ve made the decision to answer for questions on Quora. Follow me:

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