Become a master of any goals you set

Principles of Ray Dalio to 5 steps. The book is named Principles.

I just have a bad day of today. I’ve made several mistakes included watching three movies in the season to find the ideas.

But I finally realized it’s not about only I hope other ways will working, that need to work out with a circle of community demand for creating. And there is real progress.

Like criticism or blame, if you are getting a large amount of circle that grow many values over there, those will be must if you get goals for achieving them.

  1. Have clear goals.

Will get $1000 income after 6 months

2. Identify and don’t tolerate the problems that stand in the way of achieving those goals.

Procrastinating. And the process does not get communicating very well.

But also there are some problems with while I having the things to do about giving me a job offer and I will maybe have not full time to do. Or my computer destroyed and not having a computer.

3. Accurately diagnose the problems to get at their root causes.

That’s just getting information or things not related or something I steal energy from another side. If rapping and deciding to rap two times but it sometimes can be more.


Because it will happen from the mind pleasure.

Or it happens about the things are done with some things related, and it will happen I can’t control them?

It just needs to understand mind how is flows and can’t control thoughts sometimes but if it is really painful then action will be taken in pleasure but it should be getting away of them, so it means to have a risk of not control.

I am afraid I can’t control it. I can’t get whole control if unless I become superhuman.

Everything can be risky but not whole off but if its useful I must do and failing.

But it is useful?

I think it’s not useful unless I have met with people online. But I think it’s Important to clear accent. So that’s why it’s of a part.

But if I want to web developers then make money it has zero chance unless getting conference calls?

Real convo needs to be ready. That’s why I need to rap. So better no rap too much like. And it is not taken or stealing other areas of time managing schedule. So better keep doing.

But if it perfected what to need. I just need to descent not too fluent.

Why I need that?

It needs to share value or something. It doesn’t have to be share value just be like that. But maybe can be a good trigger. But the thing is not too much rap at least yet.

So I’m rapping more when I loosen or something I don’t feel enough at the 2 times rap. But have to get some time to alarm. Or something.

All of those things happen if I don’t share value or create circle or something to learn about and having a common plan of others then it will solve the common problems In those areas and will find anything or any way.

And create abundance. That will try to go everywhere to get believable people or groups to around them.

4. Design plans that will get you around them

Just do related things and rest of them not train rest in mind and after to train in voice or accent muscle, just simply read loud in books every day and rap 2 times 8 minutes. (let's see)

And not watching movies that will not the case or any video that hope it will improve the side.

It will improve but that not demand to reach a goal, if improving anything is the right things to do, then it will never get things certain and never reach the goal.

So do by following to trying to do like 1–3 hours to socialize. To plan how and go.

5. Do what’s necessary to push these designs through to results

So take a list to do, and also note not wasting times around and make things everything done, encourage to give points if everything is done.

But not set it up in time what words to write or something.

Just simply say where I’m and what problems I have and share the progress to encourage or give something the opportunity to grow by themselves to sharing differentiation to get a better understanding of things.

And just take it off like responsibility. And get everything to open for them. And all the problems to appear on the table. Always see the problems or criticism dealing with objectively but not get subjective.

So it's my duty to make things better. So it’s time to do. But there is dangerous or get jail if anything can happen but always need to fail or get up. And I don’t know maybe it will end horribly or die.

But I should to wholly dedicated to sacrifice everything on until I shut off to this life.

I should be passionate about.

Always work with a community and take a to-do list and task and create a vow and do it by under pledge. And get feedback, everything to say and must to do it.

Its why is important to work with and deal with feedbacks. Whether in learning or creating or while creating(giving) and learning(taking).

If it was the ancient time there will be feedbacks around family or friends and few people around the community. But today need to work in social or share and get feedbacks by tools.

It may be better or worse it depends on how to look at it. Not because of the technology, it is about human minds how it opened. Just tool is incomparable even to the in homo-sapiens.




HI. I’ve made the decision to answer for questions on Quora. Follow me:

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Bilguun enkhee

Bilguun enkhee

HI. I’ve made the decision to answer for questions on Quora. Follow me:

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